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Orange Zest

Our orange zest honey packs a powerful punch! We start with our basic wildflower honey and infuse it with an essence drawn from the zest, or outer peel, of the orange. The “sweetness neutral” zest brings a noticeable scent and taste of fresh orange to the honey, without interfering with the honey’s natural balance.

Perhaps more so than our other infusions, the simple, strong citrus taste of our orange zest honey can be enjoyed on its own as nature’s candy, perfect for honey tastings and on toast instead of marmalade. More ambitious chefs have reported great success using it in glazes and marinades, particularly for chicken stir fries.

The honey is also an excellent complement to Earl Grey tea, the signature bitter flavouring of which is derived from bergamot, a variety of orange peel. The sweetness of the honey tempers this bitterness, and the flavour of bergamot really brings out the orange essence of the hone

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    When you eat “an orange,” you’re actually eating “a norange.” The original word for orange is the Sanskrit नारङ्ग (naranga), meaning “fragrant.” As the sweet Indo-Chinese fruit was introduced to Western Europe, it became known as a “naranja” in Spanish (still the word in use today). Some time during the 1500s in France, the Spanish fruit, “une norange,” became “une orange” because the latter was much easier to pronounce.

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