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Martha's Best

Martha’s Best is named in honour of Martha, our very first queen bee. She’s been an inspiration for the many generations of Cottlestone bees who have followed in her honey dancing footsteps. Our most popular pure honey, Martha’s Best is fondly dedicated to our matriarch with the philosophy that when it comes to honey, the bees know best. We turn them loose from Cottlestone Farm and let them gather whatever wild nectar and pollen they prefer.

Geographically, this means the honey is probably rich with X, Y, and Z; but hundreds of seasonal flower varieties can go into Martha’s Best, for a subtle blend of flowers that captures the rich floral tapestry of Vancouver Island with as little human interference as possible.

Additional Info


    The name “Martha” comes from Aramaic. It means “the mistress” or “the lady.” It’s the feminine form of the Aramaic mar, meaning “master,” a royal name for our royal queen. The Biblical St. Martha is sometimes called the patron saint of cooks (especially, we like to think, those who cook with honey).

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